About BFF

I like to say my life can be described by the 3 “F’s”- Faith, Family and Farming.


    I’ll start with the first F- faith. The tree you see in our logo is a staple landmark on one of our farms that sits on the top of a hill by itself, and that tree has significant symbolic meaning to the “why” behind our story. In the bible, the book of John chapter 15 verse 5 describes a vine and branches bearing much fruit, and that story forms the root of my beliefs in my faith and trust in God’s plans. I am extremely blessed and thankful that He has instilled a passion in me for the land and love of livestock.



    The tree also represents the second F- family, which brings me back to my family’s branches and values with farming. My grandpa, who is the one who started Beringer Farms, was my best friend, my hero, and the one I looked up to and admired every day. Since I was a little girl whether we were going to cattle sales together, going coon hunting, getting ice cream, or doing anything on the farm, it was always my grandpa and I together. Everything that I do and work for, the goals and future plans that I have with the farm, and all the hard work and longs days I put in are to give back to what my grandpa has started for me. With three brothers and one sister in my immediate family showing no interest in the farm, and me being one of 26 grandchildren, I am proud to say I am the one carrying on my grandpa’s legacy.


    The last F, farming, is the result of what my faith and family has provided for me. The farm life is something I took interest in as a little girl. I have been outside working on the farm since I could walk. I was only 8 years old when my dad taught me to drive the jeep up and down the road so I could pick him up after he was done checking cattle. My passion was so strong that my punishment growing up was to stay inside away from the farm. From cutting hay to hauling manure to caring for my cattle, I’ve pretty much done it all and will continue to do so as I take over the farm with my parents. Over the years my family has raised hogs, finished out feeder cattle, put in row crops, and now the future of our operation.